Rush Lyrics

COLOUR are a band from the British Northwest. COLOUR are: Tidd, Liam Downey, Scott Harvey, and Connor Dickson. Hear singles Chains, Black, Minus, Slow, Fiction, Kerosene, Killer, Pendulum, Nowhere, Strangers and EPs Kafé and The Famous Boy Making Things now. 


Lyrics by COLOUR


I Rush! I Rush!

Good day, Fear this, Rush now, Be here for this time
Scape goat, Can’t win, Buy this, Sugar free, Can’t talk, Work now
Scroll down, Envy, Daydream, Just need one more week
Love life (I can’t), Got 28 bank notes but no legal tender

Living on borrowed health, Borrowed time and much borrowed cash
It won’t cross my palm but, Push my hand to, Get by closely
I am something blue, Something old, I’ll tell you I’m something new
Leaning on my accent, Innocence left me through my...

Dwelling Inside, You’ll never make a stitch in time
Running Outside, You’ll loose all of your nine lives, by ...
Dwelling Inside, You’ll never make a stitch in time
Living on borrowed health, borrowed time
Time to take time

My house, your house, can’t we, see apple to eye
Build this, too hard, make me, tare it down post haste
Said not, different, be us, from those nextdoor perfects
Brave face (you can’t), got 17 reasons just like Kevin Spacey

Now we understand, your underhanded Hiding underneath
Whisper ‘All is fine’, just to drink my glass half empty
Feels unjust this side, just this time Or is it just my mind?
There’ll be better times, but now I can’t stop me...