COLOUR are a band from the British Northwest. COLOUR are: Tidd, Liam Downey, Scott Harvey, and Connor Dickson. Hear singles Chains, Black, Minus, Slow, Fiction, Kerosene, Killer, Pendulum, Nowhere, Strangers and EPs Kafé and The Famous Boy Making Things now. 


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COLOUR are a band from the British northwest coast, they were formed when Tidd (vox, guitar, piano) moved to Liverpool from his native Rutland with material and the sole aim of forming a band. He and Connor Dickson (drums, vox) met on the covers circuit and began as a piano-drum 2 piece. They then merged with ex-Red Light Motion front men Scott Harvey (guitar, vox) and Liam Downey (bass, vox) and changed to an all-singing guitar band. Together the band chose a name that would describe the music itself, first 'The Changes', then 'Block Colours' and finally COLOUR.

The band are co-produced by Dan Swift (Kasabian, Snow Patrol) and record all material at their own COLOUR Studios on the northwest coast. Says Dan of the band: “Average bands sound like their heroes, good bands sound like other good bands and great bands sound like themselves. COLOUR are a great band”


- "Every now and then a new band genuinely excites" - The Mirror
- "By far the strongest and most original track from a wonderful band" - Tom Robinson
- "COLOUR is a profoundly independent pop explosion" - CLASH Magazine


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Website: www.colourofficial.com
Spotify: http://po.st/WebSpot
Apple: http://po.st/WebiTunes
Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitter: @colourbanduk

Tech Specs

COLOUR are a 4 piece band, all singing and a backing track:
4 x Vocal Mics: 3 up front and one for the drummer
2 x Guitar Amps
Bass Amp
Full Drum Kit
1 x Mono Jack Backing Track (level same as a guitar please)
Power needed at the front of stage, at the drummers position and for the amps
Each position with their own instrument and own vocals loud in their monitors please.

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COLOUR Rush Header Press Shot

COLOUR Rush Header Press Shot

COLOUR Square Press Shot

COLOUR Square Press Shot